- Honor Roll -

-FOSC BU17 White 2014 Spring Turf Classic BU17 White Divsion Champions
-FOSC GU12 Red Premier 2014 KHA Turf Classic GU12 Red Divsion Champions
-FOSC GU13 Red Premier 2014 SC Del Sol President's Day Tournament (Phoenix, AZ)- Red Premier Flight
-FOSC GU13 Black 2014 TFA United Cup GU13 Division Finalists
-FOSC BU16 Red 2014 TFA United Cup BU16/17 Division Champions
-FOSC BU12 Red 2014 TFA United Cup BU12 11v11 Division Finalists
-FOSC BU16 Red 2014 MASC BU16 Gold Division Finalists
-FOSC BU17 Red Premier 2014 MASC BU17 Gold Division Champions
-FOSC BU18/19 Red Premier 2014 MASC BU19 Gold Division Finalists
-FOSC GU12 Black 2014 MASC GU12 Copper Division Champions


-FOSC GU12 Red Nightmare at the Rock GU12 Black Div Champions
-FOSC GU12 BlackNightmare at the Rock GU12 Orange Div Champions
-FOSC GU8 Red 2013 BSA Haunted Classic GU8 White Division Finalists
-FOSC BU13 Red Premier 2013 BSA Haunted Classic BU13 Orange Division Finalists
-FOSC GU12 Red 2013 Cincy Hi-5 Challenge GU12 Beast Division Champions
-FOSC BU9 Red 2013 Fall Ball BU9 Blue Division Finalists
-FOSC GU11 Red 2013 Fall Ball GU11 Blue Division Finalists
-FOSC GU11 Red 2013 Tennessee Cup GU11 Silver Division Champions
-FOSC GU14 Red Premier 2013 Tennessee Cup GU14 Silver Division Champions
-FOSC BU14 Red Premier 2013 Schwaben AC Cup BU14 Gold Division Champions
-FOSC BU13 Red Premier 2013 Schwaben AC Cup BU13 Gold Division Finalists
-FOSC BU10 Red 2013 Thunder United Fall Classic BU10 Gold Division Champions
-FOSC BU9 White 2013 Thunder United Fall Classic BU9 Silver Division Champions
-FOSC BU13 White 2013 Dog Days BU13 Silver Division Champions
-FOSC BU9 Red 2013 Dog Days BU9 Silver Division Finalists
-FOSC GU13 White Premier 2013 CU United Cup GU13 Silver Division Finalists
-FOSC BU10 Red 2013 CU United Cup BU10 Gold Division Finalists
-FOSC BU13 Red Premier 2013 CU United Cup BU13 Gold Division Finalists
-FOSC BU14 Red Premier 2013 CU United Cup BU14 Gold Division Third Place


-FOSC GU11 Black 2013 Queen City Memorial Day GU11 Blue Finalists
-FOSC BU12 Red Premier 2013 Murray Cup BU12 8v8 Division Champions
-FOSC BU11 Red 2013 Murray Cup BU11 Premier Division Finalists
-FOSC GU12 Black 2013 Starburst Spectacular GU12 Silver Finalists
-FOSC BU13 White 2013 Seth Stevens Tournament BU13 Gold Champions
-FOSC GU9 Red 2013 Seth Stevens Tournament GU9 Gold Champions
-FOSC BU16 Red Premier Cincy West Soccer Fest BU16/17 Gold Champions
-FOSC GU11 White 2013 Dutch Lions Cup GU11 division Champions
-FOSC BU19 White 2013 MASC BU19 Silver division Champions
-WC/FOSC BU14 Blue 2013 MASC BU14 Gold division Finalists
-FOSC GU16 Red Premier 2013 Adidas Blue Chip Showcase GU16 Champions
-FOSC BU19 Red Premier 2013 MASC BU19 Gold division Champions
-FOSC BU16 Red Premier 2013 MASC BU16 Gold division Champions
-FOSC BU13 Red Premier 2013 MASC BU13 Gold division Champions
-FOSC BU12 Red Premier 2013 MASC BU12 Gold division Finalists
-FOSC BU13 White 2013 MASC BU13 Copper division Champions
-FOSC GU10 Black 2013 MASC GU10 Copper division Champions
-FOSC GU10 Gray 2013 MASC GU10 Copper division Finalists
-FOSC GU11 Red 2013 MASC GU11 Gold division Champions
-FOSC GU9 Red 2013 MASC GU9 Gold division Champions
-FOSC GU11 White 2013 MASC GU11 Bronze division Champions
-FOSC GU12 Gray 2013 MASC GU12 Red division Finalists
-FOSC BU16 Red Premier 2013 John Talley Showcase Bronze division Champions
-FOSC GU9 White 2013 Middletown Spring Blast GU9 Blue division Champions
-FOSC GU11 Black 2013 Middletown Spring Blast GU11 Blue division Finalists
-FOSC GU10 White 2013 TFA United Cup GU10 White division Champions
-FOSC GU12 Gray 2013 Middletown Spring Blast GU12 Blue division Champions
-FOSC GU12 White Premier 2013 KSA Turf Classic GU12 11v11 Red division Finalists
-FOSC BU13 Red Premier 2013 TFA United Cup BU13 Red division Finalists
-FOSC GU9 Red 2013 KSA Spring Thaw GU9 Black division Champions
-FOSC BU16 White 2013 United 1996 FC International Cup BU16 Division Finalists
-FOSC GU12 Red Premier 2013 KSA Spring Thaw GU12 11v11 Red division Champions
-FOSC BU12 Red Premier 2013 KSA Spring Thaw BU12 Red division Champions
-FOSC BU9 Red 2013 KSA Adidas Turf Classic BU9 Red division Champions
- Teams -
- Team News -

FEB 2014: FOSC's GU13 Red Premier competes in Phoenix, AZ PDT Tournament

FOSC’s GU13 Red Premier team competed in the annual Presidents Day Tournament held by SC Del Sol from February 14-17 in Phoenix, AZ. The girls had a great experience on and off of the field as they played some of the top teams from different parts of the country and were treated to some great team building experiences.

The GU13 Red Premier “Red Rage” team went 2-1-1 in the “Red Premier Flight” for the weekend. The girls were victorious over the Washington state champs from Seattle and the #2 ranked team in Arizona and tied the Arizona state champs from Phoenix. The team’s only loss during the event was a 2-0 loss to the Georgia state champs from Atlanta.

While in Arizona, the girls enjoyed some team-building outings: a visit to an old mining town, Tortilla Flats in Apache Junction, hiking Camelback mountain, a trip to the old ghost town of Jerome AZ, Slide Rock Park in Sedona, Zip-lining, and a visit to the Cincinnati Reds spring training.

 photo OSYSA_state_cup_logo_sm_zps01bb2919.jpg

FOSC Teams at the 2013 Spring Ohio South State Cup Tournament
FOSC would like to recognize the following teams on their performance representing the club in the 2013 Ohio South State Cup Tournament. Great work!

BU13 Red Premier (Top 6 finish)
BU14 WC/FOSC Elite Red
BU18 Red Premier
GU15 Red Premier (Top 8 finish)
GU16 Red Premier (Final 4 finish)
GU17 Red Premier (Top 8 finish)


MAY 2012: FOSC RED PREMIER GU15 "Red Swarm" State Cup Finalists

The GU15 Red Premier team finished with a record of 3-1-1 during their State Cup run, scoring 20 goals. The Red Swarm will travel to Saginaw, MI to compete in the Region II Tournament in June! Wish them luck as they represent Ohio South and FOSC.

- Leagues -
Cincinnati United Soccer League (CUSL)
FOSC teams compete primarily in the Cincinnati United Soccer League. FOSC has many teams this season competing in CUSL Division 2 or above.

Buckeye Premier Soccer League
The Buckeye Premier Soccer League is a compilation of the best teams in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and beyond.

Boys U11 FOSC Red Premier
Boys U12 FOSC Red Premier
Boys U13 FOSC White
Boys U14 FOSC White
Boys U17 FOSC Red Premier

Girls U14 FOSC Red
Girls U15 FOSC Red Premier
Girls U16 FOSC Red
Girls U16 FOSC Premier

Midwest Regional League (MRL)
The FOSC BU13 Red Premier, GU13 Red Premier, BU14 Red Premier and GU17 Red Premier (the "Red Swarm") compete in US Youth Soccer's MRL which consists of top teams from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Ohio State Cup Tournament (OSYSA)
The following teams competed in the 2013 Ohio State Cup tournament:

BU11 FOSC Red Premier
BU12 FOSC Red Premier
BU13 FOSC Red Premier
BU14 FOSC Red Premier
GU15 FOSC Red Premier
GU16 FOSC Red Premier
BU17 FOSC Red Premier